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For all applications like: plumbing, hydro excavation, Pressure washing in general,graffiti removal, floors. with Engines: electrical, diesel, gasoline. Hot or Cold Water


Hydraulic Pumps

Water Cannon provides multiple hydraulic driven pressure washing systems for uses such as portable restroom cleaning applications, including an Annovi Reverberi wash-down pump with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

As an example the wash-down pump, model number WCHYD3025 rated 3.0 GPM at 2500 PSI, can be mounted to most trucks and connected to existing hydraulic systems. Since this unit is hydraulic fluid driven, no electric power or gasoline is required; a water supply is all that is needed. Complete plumbing for easy installation is provided with this unit as well.
Hydraulic Drive Pressure Washer - Annovi Reverberi (AR) - 3 GPM @ 2500 PSI 

To complement its hydraulic drive pressure washers and allow operators to conserve their time and energy, Water Cannon also offers a universal spinner attachment from Mosmatic that effortlessly reaches into small nooks and crannies – all without exposing the user to the hazards of backsplash. For more information, call 1-800-333-9274.


Industrial Surface Cleaner 18 inch

 Industrial Surface Cleaner 18 inch - 4GPM-4000PSI

• 18" Heavy Duty Deck
SKU: 080181  

Key Features
• Uniformly cleans large surfaces such as sidewalks, parking lots and shop floors
• Stainless steel and brass components
• One piece balanced spray bar with rotating jets for quick, streak free cleaning
• Lightweight ergonomic handle decreases operator fatigue
• Rigid bristles keep water contained

Clean flat surfaces in a fraction of the time! 

Español: 1800.917.9274


Hose: 8000PSI-50 and 100 Feet-3/8 Inch QC Connector

Water Cannon is a leading supplier of non-marking pressure washer hose available in gray polyurethane highly resistant covers.

With our vast stocking capability we provide same day shipping 25 foot assemblies and custom-made up to 300 foot assemblies. You can have your choice of quick connects available in traditional brass and plated steel or upgrade to stainless steel.

Our most durable offering is a double wire stainless steel wrapped hose that boasts a 4-to-1 safety factor and has a working pressure of 8000 PSI with burst strength of 32,000 PSI.

Non-marking hoses are a favorite among contractors and rental stores because they do not leave behind marks on the surface. These hoses actually save time and allow you to get off the job site quicker.

To see our full selection of pressure washer hoses visit or call one of our industry trained professionals at 1-800-333-9274


Premium quality complete line of flat surface cleaners

24 Inch-12.0GPM-5000PSI-Surface Cleaner-Whisper Pro-Platinum

Whisper Wash provides a premium quality complete line of flat surface cleaners to the pressure washing industry.

Our initial commitment to quality is displayed in the superior engineering of the Whisper Wash® Classic. Additionally we offer you the added benefits of cleaning large flat surface areas with The Big Guy, Ground Force "Flip - N - Fold", and the Aqua Pro, or the flexibility in design choices provided by the Lil' Guy or our Ultra Clean line. Whisper Wash® pressure washing systems provide proven economical benefits to industrial pressure cleaning users throughout the world.

The Whisper Wash® Professional Rotary Spray Systems may be used with conventional hot or cold pressure washers from 2,000 to 5,000 psi. The Classic comes with over sized self-lubricating twin thrust bearings, balanced spray bar and portable break away handles for ease of transport and storage. While The Big Guy is crafted with high quality Xenoy, stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum for long life. 

The Platinum Series of Whisper Pro Surface Cleaners separates itself from the competitors and Standard Series Whisper Pro Surface Cleaners by offering:

• A One-Piece Unitized Swivel Cartridge
• A One-Year Full Coverage Warranty
• 5000 PSI Max Working Pressure
• 212 F Max Working Temperature

Whisper Wash serves the industrial pressure washing industry. Worldwide Whisper Wash  is known throughout the pressure washing industry as the leading provider of professional rotary spray systems. Our Professional Rotary Spray Systems are built to a common standard of quality that assures your satisfaction when you choose the Whisper Wash® name. We encourage you to review the frequently asked questions we encounter and look over our product line for more specifications. 

The Big Guy
 Oversized 28" housing covers large surfaces in a flash
 One Piece Unitized Swivel Cartridge

Powder-Coated Aluminum Housing
Durable material and finish capable of withstanding daily use

Nylon Brush Around The Outside Edge
Surrounds the cover and eliminates over spraying

Cold or Hot Water
Rated for 2000 to 5000 PSI and 4 to 10 gallons per minute
Capable of handling temperatures up to 212 degrees F

 One Year Full Coverage Warranty

Espanol: 1800.917.9274


Hose Reel - Legacy

There is hardly anything worse than being unorganized, especially when pressure washing. Whether in your own home or as a professional. One of the most important tools for keeping things in order is the Hose Reel. Having the ability to keep your pressure hose or garden hose easily wound up and contained in one tight spot not only keeps the operator safe and neat but the others around you as well.

 Hose Reel Legacy

The simplest reel being the manual or hand crank type is a good way to start. Most, if not all hose reels come with an adjustable braking mechanism to ensure that when you pull on the hose to unwind it you don’t have the whole hose uncoil all at once into a rats nest on the ground at the foot of the reel.

Another part of the basic manual hose reel is the locking mechanism that keeps the hose from unraveling each time the trigger is pulled. One of the most important parts of the hose reel is the swivel. Although simple in function, the swivel is the most important part in the operation of the reel. The swivel allows for a high pressure hose to be attached at the core at a 90 degree angle to facilitate the turning of the drum to wrap the hose around without being twisted in a knot. A leaking swivel can be a real nuisance and can make a mess of the whole operation. Most swivels can be repaired or replaced in the field with simple tools.

Legacy has the widest selection of premium pressure washer parts and accessories available. Offering innovation, superior workmanship, excellent quality and yet price competitive.

• Super-reinforced core - won't collapse
• Adjustable brake for controlled reel tension
• Convenient external swivel
• Manual rewind handle included
• Solid core bolts onto flanges for extra strength
• 225ºF max temperature
• Snap lock to prevent accidental de-reeling
• Bearings have oil cap for easy field maintenance
• 4000 PSI working pressure
• Convenient external swivel
• Black power coated steel
• Heavy duty flat mounting base for horizontal or vertical wall mount


The Steel Eagle Surface Spinner uses force generated by your pressure washer to spin two or three spray nozzles at high speeds, which maximizes cleaning on flat surfaces.
It produces consistent quality and cuts cleaning time by as much as 66%.  It also decreases operator fatigue, so it virtually pays for itself in no time at all!

The detachable pistol and lance (available as an option) allow you to switch from Spinner operation to conventional for cleaning corners or vertical or hard-to-reach spots. A convenient lance rack holds the lance and pistol when not in use.
Inset wheels with grease able bearings allow cleaning edges and curbs while keeping cleaner on level surfaces. The front-mounted swivel caster has a Delrin bushing for easy handling and turning.
The swivel is long-lasting and dependable; and durable, lightweight aluminum construction means a long life.
One-year Warranty. Competitively Priced!
Available as an option:

HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM on the 30" Spinner keeps the deck at a constant 3/4"off the ground while raising or lowering spray-arm assembly from 3/4" to 23/4" to increase or decrease impact — great for cleaning pressure-sensitive surfaces!

 Surface Cleaner - Steel Eagle


The VHP39 unloader

The VHP39 unloader is machine forged constructed with a brass valve body with a stainless steel ball & seat for years of trouble free operation. Easily manually adjusts from 100 PSI up to a max of 5,650 PSI with the red adjustment knob that features a tamper resistant setting. Includes a built in easy-start feature that allows starting without any static back pressure when mounted in vertical position.

This regulating unloader automatically sends the water into a bypass loop when the water flow is stopped at the trigger gun allowing for safe release of pressure at the pump head eliminating the dangerous chance of over pressurization.

For more information and to see our 360 degree animation of product ID 8108.2547.00 visit or call our pump professionals at 800.333.9274

11.5 GPM @ 5,650 PSI  

190 F. Deg max

3/8 Inch Female inlet

Outlet & bypass

2 inlet & bypass ports