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For all applications like: plumbing, hydro excavation, Pressure washing in general,graffiti removal, floors. with Engines: electrical, diesel, gasoline. Hot or Cold Water


The VHP39 unloader

The VHP39 unloader is machine forged constructed with a brass valve body with a stainless steel ball & seat for years of trouble free operation. Easily manually adjusts from 100 PSI up to a max of 5,650 PSI with the red adjustment knob that features a tamper resistant setting. Includes a built in easy-start feature that allows starting without any static back pressure when mounted in vertical position.

This regulating unloader automatically sends the water into a bypass loop when the water flow is stopped at the trigger gun allowing for safe release of pressure at the pump head eliminating the dangerous chance of over pressurization.

For more information and to see our 360 degree animation of product ID 8108.2547.00 visit or call our pump professionals at 800.333.9274

11.5 GPM @ 5,650 PSI  

190 F. Deg max

3/8 Inch Female inlet

Outlet & bypass

2 inlet & bypass ports


Check out Water Cannon's

 electric powered Jetter Package

Check out Water Cannon's electric powered Jetter Package and pressure washer combo new for 2017! With 2.0GPM & 1500PSI it has all of the power needed to tackle the job at hand. The low profile and compact hand carry version is an efficient and easy to use jetter and drain cleaning system. This package includes a 150 foot x 1/4 inch Piranha jetter hose, a 50 foot x 1/8 inch trap hose, a shut-off ball valve, a pulsation valve on demand plus 4 stainless steel jetter nozzles. The adjustable pressure regulator can be adjusted as low as 150PSI up to a maximum of 1500PSI to lower the force and amp draw on the motor.

New for 2017 we have upgraded the forged manifold head to zinc plated which is rated at 4000PSI to ensure our pump will hold up to the drain clearing "pulsation on demand" feature. For more information please contact one of our Jetter Experts @ 1.800.333.9274

• Product ID 15J84 - Hand Carry - 2 HP - 115 Volt  Single Phase 18 Amp - Annovi Reverberi Series Pump & Accessories

• Industrial American Motor
• Annovi Reverberi Series Pump
• Choose from Hand Carry or Roll Cage versions
• Includes: 150' x 1/4" Piranha jetter hose, 50' x 1/8" trap hose, ball valve & pulsation valve on demand

• 4 Jetter Nozzles - laser, ram, corner and rotary



The under carriage cleaners from Steel Eagle

The under carriage cleaners from Steel Eagle are designed to clean under vehicles and equipment with a 24-inch-wide path. Four spray nozzles blasting up from below at up to 4,300 PSI, 2 zero degree nozzles cut through the tough stuff and 2 15-degree nozzles wash it away. Just plug in your pressure washer and use the long reach handle to get all the way underneath your vehicle or equipment with up to a 5-foot reach. Also available in a 13-inch rear wheel model to give you 14.5 inches of clearance to get under heavy equipment and leave the mud on the ground where it belongs. Thesecleaners can handle water temperatures up to 250 degrees. 

This 13-inch rear wheel model is the best choice to get under heavy equipment and leave the mud on the ground where it belongs. These cleaners can handle water temperatures up to 250 degrees. 

 Under Carriage Cleaner
• Requires 14.5" vehicle clearance 
• Easy Handling and maneuverability 
• Front skid plate 
• 13" wheel assembly 
• Approximately 24" of cleaning area 
• Pressure up to 4300 PSI 
• Temperatures up to 250ยบ 
• Handle is Adjustable from 33.5 Inch to 60 Inch. 

Caution: when using any surface cleaner on any uneven surface, such as a cracked, uneven sidewalk or driveway, be aware that the spray bar underneath the cleaner can be easily damaged by the bar hitting the uneven surface. This type of damage is not covered by the product warranty. Always use eye protection and appropriate safety gear.


Water Cannon's new 15 inch diameter flat surface

Surfaces Cleaner
Water Cannon's new 15 inch diameter flat surface cleaner allows you to cut cleaning time in half on those big jobs. Made out of high quality steel and uses two high pressure rotating jets for a thorough clean that is easy to use, fast and streak free. Universal to fit most gas pressure washers with quick connect spray wands and is compatible with either hot or cold water pressure washers with pressure up to 4200 PSI.

Safely remove non permanent materials that you want cleaned from hard surfaces with a hovering action that glides along. The Rotary cleaner blasts away dirt, grease and grime in all sorts of tough cleaning areas like pools, decks, sidewalks, warehouse floors, restaurants, retail shopping centers, garages and driveways. Visit us online or call 800.333.9274 to speak with a surface cleaner expert to discuss the right product for your application.



Start your own home based business

Wanting to Be your own boss?, to Start a New Business, or a Part Time Job? Introducing a complete package at an affordable price.


Annovi Reverberi Pump

AnnoviReverberi Pump has been the world leader in pressure washer triplex plunger pump development since 1958. While known as the leader in triplex plunger pumps for the pressure cleaning industry Vehicle Wash as well as many Industrial Applications including Sewer Jetting, Oil and Gas Industries, Hydro Excavating, Mining Industries, Mobile Pressure Wash, Food Industries and Exterior Building Maintenance.

Always striving to serve our customers better Water Cannon now offers the complete line of AR Pumps and Industrial AR Pumps at discounted prices. Water Cannon offers online discounts for volume and you can save up to 20% additional with an added bonus of free delivery.

This version of the RSV series triplex plunger pump features a built-in unloader and downstream injector on the left side of the manifold. It sports a 1" hollow shaft and is flanged for direct coupling to gasoline engines (SAE J609B). It also has large, lightweight connecting rods, new long life low-and high-pressure seals, roller bearings and a forged brass manifold with a 5 year warranty.

For a low cost and low maintenance 4000 PSI pressure washer pump search for RSV4G40-PKG at or call 1-800-333-9274.


Water Cannon now carries residential grade replacement pumps ...

at a fraction of the cost of other online sources.

The RPW2G19-PKGPKG delivers 2 gallons per minute up to 2000 PSI performance and includes an inlet Garden hose adapter with filter and thermal over heat protection.

This smartly equipped replacement pump package simply bolts to a vertical shaft standard 7/8 inch gas engine. 

The crankcase utilizes synthetic oil that never needs serviced for the lifetime of the pump. For a low cost and maintenance free 2000 PSI pressure washer pump visit us at or call    1-800-333-9274