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For all applications like: plumbing, hydro excavation, Pressure washing in general,graffiti removal, floors. with Engines: electrical, diesel, gasoline. Hot or Cold Water


CaviBlaster - Water Cannon High Pressure Equipment Specialists

Hull- Shafts- Props - Sea Chests - Rigging- Piers - Docks
5.0GPM - 2000PSI  Working Pressure | Lightweight Rust-Free
Portable Aluminum Frame
Kholer 9.5HP Industrial CH395 Engine - Oil Alert - With 3 year Mfg. Warranty.
Industrial Duty Solid Ceramic Plunger Pump W/5 Year Mfg . Warranty
Hull Fouling Removal Solutions All Subsurface Work

WATER CANNON - High Pressure Equipment Specialists

 Water Cannon Inc.
Demand the original Caviblaster
Gas | Diesel | Electric | Portable | Skid mount

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Wet Sand Blasting System

Water Cannon continues to lead the pressure washer industry in innovation. Our newest wet sand blasting kit is designed to remove unwanted surface contamination such as rust, scale, loose paint, barnacles and debris. The sand and high pressure water work together using venturi siphon technology to more safely clean metals, concrete and other similar surfaces.

This Wet Sand Blast Kit simply quick connects to the end of a commercial pressure washer wand and works on 3000psi up to 6000psi pressure washers systems. This draws sand automatically through a 26' reinforced lightweight feed hose by using an engineered self-venting pickup tube. The venturi siphon technology eliminates the need for an air feed system or other heavy and bulky equipment. It is based on the principle by which you can draw a product through a vacuum due to the pressure and velocity of another product.

Most dry media will work for specialty applications such as glass beads, walnut shells, baking soda, black beauty and a full array of synthetic or natural products in sizes from 16 to 60 grit. Wet sand blasting controls the sand waste by weighting down the media thus preventing it from becoming an environmental hazard as an airborne pollutant (Check local regulations and always wear protective gear).

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online discounter of aftermarket replacement small engine parts

 aftermarket replacement small engine parts

Water Cannon is a leading online discounter of aftermarketreplacement small engine parts that fit Honda GX Series including our competitively priced recoil starter assembly. Honda manufacture's a number of different types of small engines. Many of these engines utilize a pull cord for starting the engine. Over time, due to normal wear and tear or exposure to the elements, the pull cord can deteriorate and break. These recoils are designed to fit GX120, GX160, GX200, GX240, GX270, GX340, and GX390 Honda engines. Save 45% when you buy 10 of the same sku number and enjoy free shipping on orders over $35. Water Cannon supplies high quality aftermarket Recoil Starter Assemblies for Honda GX Engines.

Order online www.GXParts.com

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Water Cannon is here to help – Pressure Washers made easy

 Unloaders & Fittings

Water Cannon can help simplify your pressure washers pump plumbing to avoid nightmare’s like you see here. We have simple plumbing packages to most standard plumbing options including direct mount and packages.
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Business Equipment Financing is a great opportunity

Business Equipment Financing is a great opportunity to make a New addition to your Business Great selection of cold, Hot Water, Diesel, Electric, Gasoline. Your choice, your terms.
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Hot Water Commercial 4000PSI Pressure Washer

 Hot Water Pressure Washer - $4499

At $2,499  4.0GPM and 4000PSI  and a 132 degree temperature rise, this pressure washing unit will get the job done. Each model comes with all the necessary accessories for you to get started right away. To protect your investment there is a 3 Year Warranty on the engine and 2 Year Warranties on the Pump and Frame!

  • EK Triplex Plunger Pump
  • Inline Serviceable Stainless Steel Mesh Water Filter
  • Oil Bath Crank Case with dipstick and sight gauge
  • Stainless Unitized Valves
  • Forged Brass Manifold 
  • Thermo Pump Protector engages at 140 Degrees F
  • Adjustable Pressure Regulator from 150psi to max
  • Fully Welded Powder Coated Steel Frame

Espanol: 1800.917.9274


FARM, Marine & Truck Series - Electric Clutch

FARM, Marine & Truck Series - Electric Clutch
EC204 4 2000 V-BELT 5 BHP 12 VOLTS
EC354 5 3500 V-BELT 10 BHP 12 VOLTS
EC408 8 4000 V-BELT 20 BHP 12 VOLTS

Heavy Duty 12 Volt Electric Clutch Specifically Matched for Each Pump, Geared To Mount on Front of Diesel Engine for Every Day Washing

  • Industrial Cold Water
  • Heavy Duty Electric Clutch
  • Continuous Duty Hydraulic Coupling Drive System
  • Heavy Duty Triplex Plunger General Pump
  • Inline Serviceable Stainless Steel Mesh Water Filter
  • Oil Bath Crank Case with dipstick and sight gauge
  • Stainless Unitized Valves
  • Forged Brass Manifold 
  • Thermo Pump Protector engages at 140 Degrees F
  • Adjustable Pressure Regulator from 150psi to max

  • Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge 
  • Adjustable Pressure Regulator 
  • 36 Inch Trigger Gun and Wand Assembly with Quick Coupler System
  • 0/15/25/40 Nozzles
  • 50 Feet of High Pressure Hose
  • Downstream Soap/Chemical injector
  • Outlet Ball Valve and Barb

For more information call Water Cannon 800.333.9274 or visit us online www.watercannon.com

Espanol: 1800.917.9274