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Kit Sand Blast


Customer experience - Caviblaster

"The whole process of cleaning 680 floaters took us normally a week, Now, with the new CaviBlaster we did the job IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS" JOE...


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Aftermarket Parts - Engine


Boost the šŸ§  of your Pressure Washer
Recoils @ $5.99, Filters @ $7.99
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Sanitation Article - Free

 Water Cannon -Pressure Washers

Water Cannon Pressure Washers deliver a wide spray pattern of low pressure sanitizing solution with the downstream chemical injector. These units handle up to 180’ F. maximum inlet water temperature with your provided Hot Water Heater or with max ambient inlet  water temp of 180’ F ambient temperature. Sanitation with injected solution of SHO/sodium hypochlorite (household bleach or pool chlorine) or calcium hypochlorite (laundry bleach). Allow solution to remain on surface for 10 minutes to bare and painted concrete, brick, stone or metal surfaces. This will kill viruses including influenza (repeat if needed). Our products are successfully being used extensively in the poultry processing industry to fight avian flu and minimize contagions. Water Cannon power washers can be used indoors, when  powered by an electric motor or with gas powered unit outside and hose and gun operating indoors.

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Honda GX200-AAA Triplex Pump-2.5GPM-3300PSI

 3300PSI - Honda GX200

Powerful performance is yours in this compact gas powered cold water high pressure washer. Simpson, a name long recognized as a leading manufacturer of  pressure wash equipment offers this fully featured cleaning system.

Harness the power of this reliable Simpson pressure washer and get the job done quickly and efficiently.
This unit delivers  3300 PSIand 2.5 GPM of cold water to effectively tackle most any job. The rugged commercial  Honda GX200 gasoline engine with oil alert delivers reliable results and years of service. The industrial triplex plunger pump ensures  smooth operation with superior performance. The unit comes complete with all accessories to get the job done right the first time. Featuring a durable heavy duty steel portable cart with 10” all terrain tires, 5 nozzle tip set, gun wand assembly, 25’ hose with couplers. Includes chemical injector system to apply soap and detergents remotely with the change of a nozzle. Ideal for almost any cleaning task, including: industrial, construction cleanup, commercial use, farms, car lots, residential, pre-painting surface preparation among many other applications.

·         3300 PSI @2.5 GPM
·         AAA™ Industrial triplex plunger pump
·         Morflex™ Hose 5/16" x 25' is non-marring, kink and abrasion resistant and equipped with threaded M22 connection
·         Ergonomic spray gun designed for comfort and control
·         5 Quick connect nozzles tips: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and Soap
·         Heavy duty welded steel construction with steel axle frame
·         10" wheels for ease of  use and transport

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Electric Pressure Washer

This powerful compact electric pressure washer is loaded with upgrades including dual stainless steel inlet water filter, cool loop bypass system and an industrial grade bypass regulator.

The aluminum frame has a lifetime warranty and the axles are threaded with a locking nut for serviceability.

The low-speed Baldor American made motor will outlast it’s import competitor. Rest assured this low speed, industrial triplex pump will give years of reliable service.

 Electric Pressure Washer 11M14

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Commercial Pumps Annovi Reverberi

Designed for High Pressure Washers, Agriculture, Fire Fighting, Construction, Industrial Cleaning, Municipality, Industrial

Process, Sewer Jetting.
side cover closed or incorporated with oil glass. Back cover incorporated with oil drain outlet.
Pump head in forged brass. Possibility to have integrated pressure regulating valve on pump head.


Back cover incorporated with oil sight glass. Pump head in forged brass.

Side cover incorporated with oil sight glass. Back cover incorporated with oil drain outlet. Pump head in forged brass.

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