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For all applications like: plumbing, hydro excavation, Pressure washing in general,graffiti removal, floors. with Engines: electrical, diesel, gasoline. Hot or Cold Water


Water Cannon Poly Drive cleaning machines

Water Cannon Poly Drive cleaning machines are the most durable High Volume GPM pressure washers ever designed and made for commercial and industrial cleaning applications. As such, they are heavily used by the military, cruise line industry, food processors and other harsh continuous duty applications. The units are equipped with a Gates Poly Drive long life belt system that is laser aligned, strong and efficient. The efficiency of the drive and aircraft aluminum design which all work together to achieve a reduction in heat transfer and avoids heat build-up.. This design prolongs the machine's pump life expectancy by up to 25%. The balance and vibration resistant engineering make owning a Water Cannon Poly Drive system a great long-term investment and a pleasure to operate.

All 8 to 15 GPM High Volume Industrial Pressure Washer units are factory tested and pass a 15 point check list before being delivered to the customer. For more information visit or call 800.333.9274 to speak with an industry trained professional. 

 Honda GX690 8GPM-3500PSI


Pressure Washer - Hoses 4500PSI

Monster hoses are made with a dual-braided construction of steel over polyester and jacketed with translucent polyurethane for high strength, durability, and kink resistance. Equipped with quick connect fittings for quick and easy setup 3/8 inch male & QC plug x 3/8 inch female QC socket. Translucent polyurethane outer jacket is Non-marking, abrasion resistant, wipes clean with one pass and is designed to fit most gas pressure washers with standard quick connections. Best of all it is made in the heartland of the USA.
Chose between our 4500psi rated standard size50 foot assemblies or for jobs that require longer reach we offer 100 - 150 - 200 foot versions.
The abrasion resistant outer jacket withstands 12,000 surface contacts which is 5 times more than standard wrapped-cover pressure washer hoses.
Visit and search 041028 to see this product specifications. If you need application assistance please call one of our industry trained technicians at 1-800-333-9274.

Surface Cleaner - graffiti removal

Water Cannon’s ever growing selection of top selling products including hand held surface cleaners for graffiti removal, floating or hover style for general purpose flat surface cleaning and four way castor wheel for uneven applications like walkways or parking garages. Mosmatic surface cleaners come in a variety of two, three and four bar versions and cover dimensions from twelve inch to thirty inch coverage.

Our best selling product ID is 78.285 has an eight inch cleaning swath and hooks up to a standard vacuum system for environmentally safe surface cleaning. The 5000psi rating makes it incredibly versatile and effective. The wall surface cleaner with air vacuuming, is the perfect tool, to clean any kind of hard to remove dirt, paint with no over spray or flying debris, guarantees a safe and clean work area. Features include: Stainless steel deck construction, newly developed DYW maintenance-free swivel and the Easy-Pull trigger control. This professional line is ready to use with no tools required for assembly.

Visit and search 78.285 to see this product in 360 degree rotation. If you need application assistance please call one of our industry trained technicians at 1-800-333-9274

 Surface Cleaner
SKU: 78.285


Honda GCV160 - Axial Cam Pump 060809

 Honda GCV160-160cc-Axial Cam Pump-2.4GPM-3000PSI

• Maintenance-free OEM Technologies™ axial cam pump 
• Precision polished stainless steel pistons for improved seal life 



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Triplex plunger pumps

Triplex plunger pumps are the most common types of pumps used in the pressure washer industry.  The majority of these pumps have solid ceramic plungers or pistons that move the water through the pump and hold pressure created by the nozzle restriction at the end of the spray wand.  These ceramic plungers are very hard and make an excellent seal for high pressures but are not indestructible.  Ceramic plungers can become brittle when the pump is run without water, causing thermal shock.  Thermal Shock occurs when the ceramic plungers are heated due to the friction of the dry plunger moving against the pump seals from lack of water to the pump. The introduction of cool water to the heated plunger will cause a crack or cracks usually running the length of the plunger.  The cracked plunger then allows water to leak past the seals and can be visible by a water leak between the manifold and crankcase of the pump or by turning the oil in the crankcase a milky color due to the emulsification of the oil and water mixture.  This will cause a lack of lubrication then overheating, then, catastrophic failure such as thrown connecting rods etc. 

The typical scenario might be as follows:  One attaches the garden hose to the pressure washer, then the high pressure hose to the machine; one starts the machine expecting water to come spraying out,  then one realizes after a minute or two, that the water is not turned on.  One then turns on the water to the running pump with heated plungers causing the plungers to break and leak.  Always have water flowing to your pump before start up.


Hose Reels:

When mounting  hose to hose reels please remember to take the QC's or twist Couplers off and mount the hose direct into the hose reel.